The EASE vision

The vision behind EASE is understanding generative information processing models underlying the mastery of everyday manipulation tasks in complete, integrated systems. These models should allow a cognition-enabled, robotic agent to autonomously perform human-scale everyday manipulation tasks competently for extended periods of time in an open world. It should be able to infer the appropriate course of action from high-level, underspecified task descriptions using the current task context and commonsense knowledge as resources. It should also be able to extend its repertoire of skills through lifelong learning: continually extending its action-relevant knowledge, learning new activities, and adapting existing skills to new objects, contexts, and environments by exploiting the nature of everyday activity.

Integration into the University of Bremen

The collaborative research center EASE is part of the high-profile research area Minds, Media, Machines of the University Bremen. The CRC (Collaborative Research Centre - German: Sonderforschungsbereich or SFB) brings together excellent researchers from many different departments.