The Artificial Intelligence Institute Plays a Part in a Documentary about Humanoid Robots

Kloos & Co. Medien GmbH visited the Artificial Intelligence Institute (IAI) in Bremen on the 12.01 to record some video material for their upcoming humanoid robots documentary “Wir sind die Roboter“. In addition to the video footage of the institute, there will be additional material from other research groups all over the world such as from Genoa and Tokyo.
The institute presented the movie team the current state of the EASE project such as a robot making popcorn, the openEASE platform and Virtual Reality.
The running time of the documentary will be 90 minutes and will be directed by Isa Willinger.

Robotic Days in Bremen

During the 27th until the 29th November they were interesting presentations and talks about robotics and its related fields. On the first day the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Robotik hold their DGR conference. The remaining two days, people got the chance to visit the EASE symposium to get the newest research results. More information about those events can be found here .

“Computer” – A book published by EASE PI Rolf Drechsler, Andrea Fink and Jannis Stoppe

EASE principal investigator Rolf Drechsler and his co-authors Andrea Fink and Jannis Stoppe have published the book “Computer – Wie funktionieren Smartphone, Tablet & Co.?”. This books attempts to explain complex digital technologies for the broad public in an easy way. Their book has recently received a lot of attention in the press and at the Frankfurter Buchmesse 2017. More information and also a reading sample can be found here .

Finalist for the IROS’17 Best Cognitive Paper Award

Congratulations to Simon Stelter, Georg Bartels, and Michael Beetz. Their article “Multidimensional Time Series Shapelets Reliably Detect and Classify Contact Events in Force Measurements of Wiping Actions” was selected as a finalist for the best cognitive paper award at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on
Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS’17). Simon and Georg are research associates at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and candidates for a doctoral degree under the supervision of Michael Beetz at the University of Bremen.