You can learn more about the EASE research agenda from the scientific part of the research proposal.



Michael Beetz, Ulrich Klank, Ingo Kresse, Alexis Maldonado, Lorenz Mösenlechner, Dejan Pangercic, Thomas Rühr, Moritz Tenorth, "Robotic Roommates Making Pancakes", In 11th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Bled, Slovenia, 2011. [bib] [pdf]



The progress of the EASE project is documented in integrated experiments, the form of longterm in particular:

  1. The household marathon to be accomplished by robotic agents
  2. Humans accomplishing everyday activities

Cooperating Projects

Research projects financed through other funding sources that substantially contribute towards the EASE research agenda include:

  • RoPHa is a BMBF funded project that develops robotic agents accomplishing simple meal preparation with a focus on easy interaction between robots and asserted people.
  • Robosherlock is a project funded by the German Science Foundation DFG that investigates task-directed and knowledge-enabled perception framework for manipulation tasks.
  • Refills  is a H2020 project investigating a particular everyday activity: the replenishment of shelves in supermarkets.
  • smile is a cooperative project that aims at encouraging and motivating girls to choose careers in MINT-related topics.