The research activities of the CRC EASE are structured into three main Research Areas (H, P and R). Each Research Area consists of several subprojects. On the following page you find an overview of the subprojects, their research focus, and leaders (Principal Investigators).

Further subprojects include the Project Management and Central Services (Z) for the administration and coordination of the CRC as a whole, the Integrated Research Training Group (MGK), the Information Infrastructure (INF) for the storage, management, and maintenance of the data generated by EASE, and the Laboratory Infrastructure Support (F) for the establishment of the EASE central robotics lab.

Research Area H

Descriptive models of human everyday activity

Research Area P

Principles of information processing for everyday activity

Research Area R

Generative models for mastering everyday activity and their embodiment

The humanoid robot "Rollin' Justin" is a platform for research in service robotics. One area of application for the system is household work. Photo Credits: Daniel Leidner (DLR).
"Rollin' Justin" is used for Subproject R04 "Specializing and optimizing generic robot plans" (Prof. Michael Beetz PhD, Prof. Dr. Alin Albu-Schäffer). Photo Credits: Daniel Leidner (DLR).

Pictures taken at the Automatica 2018 in Munich: Human demonstrations in a virtual environment. Visitors could put on VR glasses and move around in a virtual kitchen. 3D Modelling is used in several Research Areas. 

Photo Credits: Wibke Borngesser (TUM).

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