Alumni and Alumnae of the EASE Academy

Dr. Asil Kaan Bozcuoglu

Fast Robot Learning using Prospection and Experimental Knowledge A Cognitive Approach with Narrative-Enabled Episodic Memories and Symbolic Knowledge

Dr. Sebastian Brunner

A Framework for Analyzable, Resource-Aware and Self-Optimizing Robot Longterm Autonomy

Dr. Johannes Pfau

Deep Player Behavior Modeling

Dr. Ferenc Balint-Benczedi

Task-adaptable, Pervasive Perception for Robots Performing Everyday Manipulation

Dr. Vladimir Herdt

Efficient Modeling, Verification and Analysis Techniques to Enhance the Virtual Prototype based Design Flow for Embedded Systems

Dr. Daniel Leidner

Cognitive Reasoning for Compliant Robot Manipulation

Dr. Marcel Walter

Design Automation for Field-coupled Nanotechnologies