The Members of the EASE Academy

Gayane Kazhoyan

Accomplishing Variations of Mobile Manipulations Tasks on Autonomous Robots Through Generalized Plans

Celeste Mason

Multimodal biosignal-based action recognition of semantically defined and hierarchically structured everyday activities

Konrad Gadzicki

Modeling of Bio-inspired Pattern Recognition: from V1 Models to Convolutional Neural Networks

Janis Roßkamp

Natural grasping in VR

Jaime Maldonado

Modelling of human attention and stimuli integration for behaviour predictions in humans and automated systems.

Mona Abdel-Keream

A Game-Based Learning Infrastructure for Human-Robot Interaction

Simon Stelter

Knowledge Enabled Effect Aware Motion Control

Patrick Mania

Knowledge-enabled Robot Belief States in Game Engines

Alexis Maldonado

Cognition-enabled robot hand manipulation

Nils Leusmann

Michaela Kümpel

Franklin Kenghagho Kenfack

Vanessa Hassouna

Jesse Richter-Klug

Uncertainty based pose estimation of naturally stored kitchen objects

Moritz Meier

Multimodal modeling of human everyday activities with an emphasis on top-down modeling based on verbal reports

Sebastian Koralewski

Improving Robotic Agents ability to perform everyday activity in a dynamic environment through learning from experience

Thorsten Kluß

Multisensory and motor contributions to human flexible behavior

Sebastian Höffner

Task parameter estimation for robotic agents

Tim Meywerk

Formal Verification of Robotic Control Programs Acting in Real-World Environments

Michael Neumann

Mental simulation and learning

Jose Rojas

Photorealistic Learning Infrastructure

Alexander Wich

Learning Generative Models for Autonomous fetch-and-place tasks from observing human demonstrations (Robots Learning from Active Observation)

Andrei Haidu

Automated Models of Everyday Manipulation Activities in Virtual Reality

Georg Bartels

Cognition-enabled robot manipulation

Kaviya Dhanabalachandran

Abhijit Vyas

Sascha Jongebloed

Constantin Uhde

Semantic Understanding of Human Activity

Florian Ahrens

Human Neural Information Processing and Cognition Enabled Robotic Agents. Manfred Physiological Brain Recordings of Complex Everyday Activities - An fMRI and EEG Study

Daniel Beßler

Representing and reasoning about robot actions with ontologies

Jan-Hendrik Worch

Perceiving Humans Performing Everyday Manipulation Activities

Jakob Suchan

Declarative Reasoning about Dynamic Visuospatial Imagery

Toni Tan

Geometric Computing for Simulation-Based Robot Planning

Petra Wenzl

The intelligent use of space in everyday activities

Martin Meier

Perceptual Grouping in Oscillator Networks

Feroz Ahmed Siddiky

Deep learning from Episodic Memory of Robotic Agents

Jeroen Schäfer

Action-Aware Bimanual Manipulation

Anneke Haga

Samuel Bustamante

Multimodal shared control and skill transfer in assistive robotics

Hoang Giang Nguyen

Alina Hawkin

Teaching robots manipulation skills with human-controlled robot bodies in Virtual Reality

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