EASE Academy Science Communication Workshop

24 – 25 August 2023

This workshop will focus on the art of presenting your research to the public.

Knowing how to engage your audience is not only a useful skill for writing articles and proposals, but also for advancing your academic career by gaining more visibility and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. By reaching out to the public, you can contribute to the public discourse in a meaningful way and make an impact on your peers as well as on stakeholders outside the scientific community.

In this workshop, we will discuss your options for communicating your research as well as the types of channels that will best reach the EASE audience. Our main question is: What is a valuable science communication concept for both your career and for the EASE project in general?

The workshop lecturer is Isabell Harder.

We will start on Thursday at 12.30h and finish on Friday at 13.00h, in Room Cognition, TAB-Buidling


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