New CoAI Joint Research Center explores cognition-enabled AI in joint human-robot tasks

We look forward to expanding existing collaborations as part of the CoAI Joint Research Center.
The establishment of the CoAI Joint Research Center is based on successful research cooperation between the three universities of Bielefeld, Bremen and Paderborn, which among other manifestations is realized in the EASE Collaborative Research Center through joint research activities.

The goals for the CoAI Joint Research Center are aligned with our objectives in EASE:
With of our joint expertise, we pursue a common goal of creating cognition-enabled agents that are able to understand what they and we are doing, so that they can support us flexibly and reliably in joint human-robot tasks. Following an interdisciplinary, community-based and open knowledge approach, we are committed to making the results achieved within the CoAI Center’s research collaboration publicly available and usable for the scientific community.

With our foundational research in EASE, we seek to provide a starting point for the CoAI Center’s joint research activities and foster scientific exchange among the three sites.

To learn more about the CoAI Joint Research Center, visit the CoAI JRC Website.