Project TransAIR: Kick-Off Meeting

We are happy to announce that the “TransAIR” project has its Kick-Off Meeting on Monday, September 16, 2019. The date also marks the first day of the 2019 EASE Fall School!

TransAIR (“Transatlantic AI-based Robotics”) is aimed at developing a transatlantic dialogue on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in order to learn from the complementary approaches of AI research, commercialization and public debate in Germany and the USA. In this context, the central goal is to identify bridges for cooperation between the two countries. The portfolio of TransAIR includes workshops involving American and German scientists and strategic work to overcome communication hurdles and misconceptions with the aim to entice young US researchers to join German AI research projects. TransAIR is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Eduction and Research.

The Kick-Off Meeting includes a panel discussion with international guests to exchange views and experiences as well as questions from the audience. On idw you can find a press release for the kick off discussion:

TransAIR Kick-Off September 16, 2019

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