SUTURO project team participated in the RoboCup@Home German Open 2019

From 3-5 May, 2019 the SUTURO project team participated in the RoboCup@Home German Open in Magdeburg. It is a competition among highly qualified international teams and provides a stage for service robots and the problems they tackle, such as interacting with humans and helping them in their everyday-life. The competition includes different tests robots have to perform.

The first test for our team was “Storing Groceries”, in which the robot has to recognize objects on a table and has to put them on a shelf. As there are already other items on the shelf, the robot must categorize these items in order to correctly place the objects from the table. Also, one door of the shelf is closed, so the robot has to either open it or ask for help.
To accomplish this test, the robot has to:

– navigate between table and shelf
– recognize the objects
– find categories for the objects/sort them
– grasp the objects
– put the objects in the shelf, and
– open the door or ask for help

SUTURO 18/19

This year’s team of 5 students and 2 PhD students from the Institute for Artificial Intelligence and EASE put much effort into their work and we are enormously proud of what they have achieved! Take a look at the pictures:

Photo Credits: A. Niedzwiecki

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