Talk by Robert Ross

On December 5, we heard Robert Ross talk about „Squeezing Shared Meaning from Behaviour“. Thank you for being here!

Dr. Robert Ross is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing DIT. Robert has a BSc and MSc by Research from University College Dublin, and a PhD from the University of Bremen in Germany. Robert is responsible for managing mature learning programmes within the School.

Abstract of the talk: To understand and facilitate a human is to provide a clear understanding of a persons’s activities or behaviours and subsequently provide feedback and personalised services.  While Activity Recognition based on well defined activity prototypes is now well established, the related task of Activity Discovery – the extraction of new or changed behaviours from the data – remains highly challenging. In this talk I will discuss recent research conducted in Dublin where we apply a number of different methodologies including Deep Learning techniques to extract new behaviour prototypes from low-level sensor data. I will also discuss some challenges around the evaluation of the quality of extracted behaviours, and raise some questions around the goal of linking behaviour prototypes of linguistic meaning.