4 EASE PIs among world’s leading experts in AI

4 EASE PIs among world’s leading experts in AI

We are delighted to announce that four EASE Pis are among the world’s leading experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) according to the ranking of the renowned Tsinghua University, China.

The global ranking lists the most cited and thus most influential scholars from the top venues of this field over the past ten years (2009 – 2019) and is divided into 20 sub-areas of AI disciplines such as robotics, natural language processing, or machine learning.

The four PIs are Prof. Dr. h.c. Michael Beetz, PhD (Bremen University), Prof. Dr. Rolf Drechsler (Bremen University), Prof. Dr. Carsten Lutz (Bremen University), and Prof. Dr. Alin Albu-Schäffer (DLR).


To see the ranking, please go to:
https://www.aminer.cn/ai2000 (Germany)
https://www.aminer.cn/ai2000 (Global)

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